How Visualisation Can Help You Become a Pro

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Learn how visualising can replace hours of physical training.

It’s a weird topic. And most people are still unsure of whether to believe it or not.

Lots of top athletes and sports scientists have talked about the power of visualising and how it can massively improve your performance.

Yet still, it seems to be very hard to grasp for most of us.
It seems to be almost too good to be true.

The key part is in understanding that this is not some voodoo-thing that will suddenly turn you from Sunday league player into Messi.
There is real science behind it.

The simple explanation is this: You use the same part of your brain when visualising as when you’re actually performing an action. This means that your brain is sending the same signals to your muscles, even though you might be lying in bed.

And so if you visualise an action over and over again it actually gets stored in your muscle memory. Which in turn will make it a lot more natural and easy the next time you perform it.

This works in every sport and even produced results in the gym, with people gaining muscle, simply through visualising.

So if you’re trying to become a professional player or just reach the next level, why not at least give it a try? You can always stop.

But you might discover that it will give you an extra advantage in games and allow you to get even more training in without overexerting your body.

Just start with the techniques in the video above and let us know how it went!

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