What do the ‘Game Brain’, ‘Classroom’ and ‘Browse” pages do?

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In football you have four pillars of development. Technical, physical, tactical and mental.

Effective has three areas to work on these four pillars:

Browse Page
Here are all of Effective’s exercises and workouts in one place so you can work on your technique and physical side. There are over a dozen pre-made workouts, as well as exercises for improving specific skills. Below that are your categories which contain drills to work on a specific skill or technique.

Game Brain
The game brain helps you improve the tactical side and become a more intelligent player. This is done through player match analysis and expert punditry created by premier league analysts. 

Here you have everything you need to become a more knowledgeable and motivated player. This is all about the mental side. The videos displayed here are longer lecture style talks which focus on everything from the analysis of body language to soccer nutrition.

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