What equipment are you using and can I train with different equipment than what you have?

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To fully optimise your training limited training equipment is needed. For some equipment you can easily find alternatives around the house.

In Effective videos we are using the following equipment:

  • Disc Cones from Pro-Direct Soccer
  • SKLZ Quick Flat Agility Ladder 4m
  • Das HAEST Steckhürdenset für Koordinationstraining (German version) (Any cones with holes will do) (however this set is not sturdy enough and we’re looking to replace)
  • Adidas Champions League Replica 2015/2016 Ball (FIFA inspected)
  • Nike Team Ball

A ball is always a must have, apart from that, you can improvise.

No Goals ?  Aim at a wall, aim at a bench, fence or just find some sticks or markers as posts.

No Agility Ladder? Use the outline of a field and have a marker every 40cm, or just create your own with duct tape and sticks!

No Cones? Rip out some cardboard.

No hurdles? Lay cones under sticks should be, and pretend there is an imaginary hurdle you’re leaping over.

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