Why are notes important and how should I use them?

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Writing notes is crucial to your personal reflection and development.

Writing notes are the same as writing a journal. The purpose of writing notes is so you can manage your thoughts and feelings, know yourself better, reduce stress and solve problems more effectively.

Here is the most effective, two-step way to manage your thoughts and accelerate your improvement:

Step #1: Write notes after each workout session

Writing notes regularly after sessions will make you an expert on your self so you can get to know your strengths, weaknesses and feelings of your performances. If you don’t know what to write, jot down at least two good things and and one bad thing about it.

With each good and bad, you can write what contributed to that.

Here’s an example of my notes after a team training session:

To do the same, go to the All Notes page and create a category called Team Training.

Step #2: Create a Weekly Review

Go to the All Notes page and create a category called ‘Weekly Review’. Every Sunday (or whatever day you choose), sit down and reflect on your week.

A weekly review is something I did habitually for over four years and posted on my blog. 

Without doing it, I would not have progressed as quickly as I did. It reduced time working on the wrong things and instead working on the most ‘effective’ things that would make me better in as short amount of time as possible.

If you choose to do what I did, you can structure your notes writing so it has two parts:

Part One: This Week

  • Training: How did training go? Was it effective? Did you feel improvement? 
  • Game Performance: How did your performance in game go? Did you score/assist? What was good/bad?
  • Short Term Goals Review: Take notes of your short-term goals.
  • Life: What’s up with your personal life? How’s school/work going? How do you feel about yourself? What are you excited about right now? What are you worried about? 
  • Other: Did you watch any games this week? What caught your eye? Any final thoughts? 

Next Week

  • What is your goal next week?
  • What you will do in training next week to achieve that?

By the time Sunday evening comes around, I sit down and look at all the notes I’ve taken during the week in all the different categories and I compare and contrast. Then I write down in full how I feel and try to be as honest with myself as possible, so I can look back weeks or months later and know exactly how I was at the time and how much I progressed.

Writing a journal and reflection is something that many players are too lazy to do. When you feel you aren’t improving, then you will know exactly the reasons why with note taking.

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