A question from Liam:

I think you need to respect where your family are coming from. You need to respect the environment they grew up in and their circle of friends and other family members.

You need to have empathy there and understanding so you know where they’re coming from when they say “you’re ruining your life”

I don’t know your family situation but, if no one in your family has achieved a remarkable level of success in any discipline, then sure – there is going to be a stigma to whatever you want to do that goes outside that norm.

You may try and speak to them and say “Dad/Mum this is what I REALLY want and love to do!” but it could all just fall on deaf ears.

And because no one understands you, you might try speak to a friend or two about what you want to do.

But even they might not give the overwhelming support you are seeking (if your friends are really supportive, well done you’ve found a friend for life). 

And that’s when you understand.. most people live in a state of FEARFear of failing. Fear of being criticised. Fear of taking risks in case something bad happens?

But let me ask you something, ask yourself whats really the worst that can happen when you’re 14? Or 20? Or 32 years old?

So what if you gotta go have that difficult conversation? Pfft. Its just one conversation. 

You gotta spend money? Pfft. You’ll make that back in no time.
Well what if you fail? You might. But what’s worse.. failing or never trying?

Because no one wants to be sitting on their armchair at 95 years old barely able to walk, staring into the distance and think about what they “could have” done. 

Effective fam, this is one of the most important subjects to me ever. I have been there like you thinking whether or not I should try something. Whether I should go move to another country and play. Whether I should do the 100-day challenge or not. The questions on if I could leave my girlfriend? My family again? 

You just gotta try.

Follow your heart. 

Give it a go.

And what’s the worst that can happen? 

This is the best video I’ve ever watched on what the journey of following your heart will do: 

And if you’d like to listen to a longer form podcast on this by John Moses and myself (Nick Humphries), give this a listen: Listen to “My Parent’s Don’t Support My Football Dream”

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