Gabe Quesada, 20, Indiana, United States

“After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence”

Gabe Quesada is a competent central defender at Indiana Wesleyan University. He was searching for a football training program that would give him the accountability and efficiency he wanted.

Awarded the 2016 “Scholar-Athlete of The Year” at his college, Gabe says: “I wanted specificity that would bring measurable results in the shortest amount of time because my schedule is packed with school and work commitment with my college team. I chose Effective because I was interested in Nick’s story. I personally related with it and wanted to see how he went about his process. After I saw the game brain, that really sparked my attention! Already I could see how the private skills sessions transform your game.

After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence, which is translating to increased performance. I find myself demanding the ball, instead of being afraid of it. My favourite areas are the Game Brain and a legit workout tracking system!

Saliho Toure, 18, Pennsylvania, United States

“It’s helped me to get into a D1 college soccer program”

Saliho Toure was looking for a program that would help in transforming him into the complete player he dreamed of becoming. He wanted to “have the skills to be able to play anywhere on the field.”

“Effective did a great job putting me on the right path to achieve substantial improvement in my game. Before I used to watch your videos on YouTube which was really helpful, so I then decided to give your program a shot. I can tell you I have no regrets!”

“I definitely love the game brain as well. It’s very important to be skilful but, also being smart as well on the field. I saw a great improvement in my game with Effective and it’s helped me to get into a D1 college soccer program which I’ll be starting next season. Effective went to the core and really set out a great foundation to build upon. I’ve used other training programs that lack that.”

Stephen O’Neill, 15, Sydney Australia

“My confidence has gone through the roof”

Stephen O’Neill plays for the Sydney Macarthur Rams at the U16 level in Australia. Alongside playing for his club, he also does extra training sessions at the MVP Academy (ran by ex-professional Pedj Bojic). Stephen recently joined a new team which was a league higher than he was playing before which meant he had a challenge to prove himself. But his story after using Effective is quite remarkable. He purchased Effective after trying the free workout. In his words “Effective was affordable and looked good. I tried the free workout and did it a few times and I really liked it, plus your snapchat videos inspired me.”

“Within a matter of days, I noticed a small improvement in my touch and technical ability, but in my physical ability my confidence has gone through the roof. Before I found it hard to beat players and now I can go on runs and beat many defenders. I used to be panicky on the ball but now I’m really calm and my coach has noticed that.”

After speaking to him, Stephen continued to preach his improvement in confidence — the most important skill in football. In his first two games, he could compare and tell the difference.

“In the first game I did okay, didn’t do too much.. got caught out a bit but nothing too bad. I then purchased Effective and had a week to prepare for the next game. I was using the drills, the bodyweight strength programs and the game brain analysis. In that next game, I was playing insane. It was the best game I had ever played. I drove at defenders, beat them, got in crosses and it was just great. My coach thought I was joking with him after the match because I played a lot better.”

“Before I got Effective, I was doing really weird random training. I used to kick a ball into a goal and thought I was training, not working on my weaknesses or anything. But this is more structured and also allows me to create my own workouts easier and also give its more structured and also allows me to great my own workouts easier and also give match analysis and motivational tools.

Well I just joined a new team which was a league higher and that gave me a little confidence but after watching the videos of the game analysis and watching some of the videos I’m the classroom and a little bit of the workouts

Kathi Baumann, 24, Konstanz, Germany

“Effective does not only offer drills but also helps you to become a smarter player”

Katharina Baumann is an accomplished womens player most recently becoming a national champion in the college game. She is from Konstanz, Germany growing up playing for SV Litzelstetten before moving over to FC Zürich in Switzerland. She says: “I was looking for a program that would help me become a better player every single day and help to improve my game in every area (physical, technical, tactical, mental). Effective provided drills to improve fitness, strength, speed, power and drills to develop technical skills (dribbling, shooting, passing…), as well as a program to become a smarter player.”

“I was impressed with how Effective works. Before I was a effective member I was reading about Nick’s story and his blog entries. This inspired and motivated me so much to train even harder than I already did. Because of this, I already improved a lot. My training also became smarter. While using the effective program I really made another huge step and improved a lot.”

“I have never been the most talented player. When I was 16, I transferred to a high level team but I wasn’t a starter. But I trained on my own every day and one year later I was one of the key players. Another year later I earned a scholarship for a college in america. My first season the coach barely played me and I was frustrated. Then I found effective and within 4 months of focused practice, I started some games and got more and more playtime.

Effective does not only offer drills but also helps you to become a smarter player and understand the game better with the game brain area. You can also schedule your workouts in the calendar tool and take notes regarding the workouts. This is really helpful and other programs don’t offer that. If I had to choose a program it would definitely be effective

Michael Jacovelli, 14, Melbourne, Australia

“It has changed my life for the better and I am not planning on stopping.”

“I was looking for an easy to use soccer training program which could organize my soccer training into my social and school life. I wanted something that was easy to use and gives you a diverse range of different drills to improve your overall game.”

“I ended up choosing Effective because $40 a month is a bargain for what Effective brings. The drag and drop box makes it easy to organize my weekly routines.”

“The Game Brain is unique and helps develop the mental aspect of the game which some programs do not have. I definitely have seen overall improvement in my game from using Effective.”

“I am way more confident on the ball and knowing that I’ve put in the extra work, I’ve grown in confidence.”

“Effective offered the Game Brain to improve your game mentally, the classroom for motivation, drag and drop box to organize your training week and being able to be in the effective family and talk directly to the creator. The drills are from professional players and coaches which are proven to work if you put the hard work in.”

“I have been using Effective since October 2016 and have been training almost every day since I have got it. It has changed my life for the better and I am not planning on stopping.”

“Effective is truly amazing. Thank you for offering this amazing program to us dreamers who are now workers working on that dream of being professional.”

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“I chose effective because I love how you could use the calendar. I did see a lot of improvements in my game since using effective since the summer. Effective offered a lot more variety and different workouts than other programs. I am no longer a member but I am renewing it in 6 days.”
Johnathan Trigazis, 15, New Jersey, United States

“I watched your webinar about how you became a pro-level player in 24-months. I started applying your tips and tricks and started training 3 hours a day. I kept consistent at it for 24 months, and the results were amazing. Before I started training 20 hours a week, I was one of the worst players on my team. A year later, I started representing my league. Another year later, I was scouted by NYCFC academy because of a video of me playing”.
Masao Ishihara
(About 2 years ago, Masao Ishihara wasn’t training individually and was just playing for a regular travel team in his town. He had just 2 training sessions a week, and one game on Sunday.“One day, I was watching funny videos on YouTube, and then I just had a moment where I was like, How do I become a professional soccer player? I found your article called “How to become a Professional Soccer Player”. It had 10 steps, but one of them really stood out to me. Train 10,000 hours.”)

At age 16, Kevin Terhaerdt decided to chase his ultimate dream to become a professional footballer.

“What inspired me was your How to Become a Professional Soccer Player video. At that time i played for fun, almost Sunday League. I’m now 18 and am starting for my team who are competing in Nationals, the highest level tournament in the United States. The top 8-10 teams in the country compete in this competition.”

“I thank Nick for changing my life!

Zak Johnson is training 5 hours a day (35 hours a week), working on technical, physical, tactical, and mental skills. “Your 100 day challenge has really inspired me and made me think, if you can do it, why can’t I!? In the fall of 2015 I was on the 3rd team of one of the worst Development Academies in my state.

Zak had all the technical skills and was very smart on the pitch but was scared and used to hide. This is common when players are in a low-confidence phase.

Your videos helped me change that (Gamebrain and Exercises). I am now the best player on the ECNL second team and am being considered for the Developmental Academy this season. Next week I have a trial for the best D.A. in the country: FC Dallas.

You have truly changed my game for the better.

3 months ago, Bartosz Osowski was barely playing for his club, and was about to quit playing football altogether. Then, he discovered Effective.
“You motivated me so much, that I started training 20 hours a week. Today, during our pre-season tour, my coach announced that I will be captain for the last 3 games of pre-season. I’ve also been invited to train with the Poland U15 National Team.

Bartosz Osowski, Poland

James Wait did not start playing soccer until age 10, later than all of his friends! This led to a robust work-ethic , whether it was in matches or training.

James Wait, Lycoming College

“It soon showed some reward, my high school soccer career was decorated in medals, trophies, and accompaniments. However, i had no idea if i was good enough to play in College. I knew i wanted to play at a higher level so i trained 1-2 hours a day, probably 3-4 days a week in my senior year.

“I had no idea this was not good enough until i went to ID camps and see all the other kids who were a lot better than me. I then started training 3-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. This was in the summer before freshmen year of college. I was getting a lot of hours and touches in, but the sessions were usually slow and not game like. I started Google searching more effective ways to train, and ironically enough, i found TrainEffective. Within a week, i was a member and was doing all of the workouts every day, for 6-7 days a week.”

“This was only 3 weeks before my preseason for college, and just not enough time dramatically improve my game to the level it need to be at. I was red-shirted in the fall, and had the darkest time of my life. I quit soccer altogether for a period of 2 weeks as well. Eventually, i was drawn back to Nick’s “How to Become a Professional Soccer Player” video, the one which initially convinced me to buy TrainEffective. I vowed on that day that i would play professional football, no matter how many times i got knocked down.”

“I could not have done it without TrainEffective, i owe you guys a lot and i’m glad to be a part of the of the #EffectiveFam!” Now, whenever he feels down, James will watch TrainEffective videos, or read his notes within Effective.

Cameron K was inspired by Nick’s story and it pushed him to train excessively!

“When I was younger, I tried out for a local club, but the coach didn’t really want me and I was dropped to the 2nd team for majority of the season. I left the club to join another team in Las Vegas where I earned my spot as a 

Cameron Komock

starter and captain.”

“Our team broke apart due to an age change throughout the entire United States. I then tried out for the team which cut me loose. They were top 5 in the country. I ended up making that team and have won numerous tournaments, had many academy coaches watching our games, and ended up competing in Nationals, the biggest tournament for youth soccer in all of America.”

“This has proven to me that hard work provides true results and I intend to continue training to reach my goal of becoming a professional footballer. TrainEffective has been awesome, and I’ve seen a lot of great results. Keep up the good work and thank you for being an inspiration. ”

Magnus Hafsmo recently joined the Effective Family from Norway. Magnus was seeing the positive experiences everyone had being showcased on the TrainEffective Snapchat, and decided It was time!

“One day I subscribed to TrainEffective and when I saw the videos, my motivation went straight to the heavens!

Magnus Hafsmo, 15, Trondheim, Norway

“I play for U17 Heimdal, we have 3 teams. The 1st team is in the highest division and one of the best teams In Trondheim. I was the captain of the 2nd team, but since purchasing Effective, I have made my debut for the 1st team! I have also been training among the best U16 players in the city!

“I have improved very much, not just technically and physically, but mentally most of all.