What to Do the Day before a Match?

What to Do the Day before a Match?

Some people tell me, “I can’t find anywhere to train or there aren’t any fields where I live”. I’m just using a playground. The point is, you don’t always need a lot of space. We have the ladder to build coordination and agility today.


The workout is completed and I feel good and ready for tomorrow’s match.


What do you do the day before the match? With my current club, we train for reactions. This is so our body’s are ready for every ball, ready to get there first, and ready to win.


You as a player watching this at home, if you have a game on Saturday, do this on Friday; speed/agility ladder, drills with a lot of touches on the ball, or exercises with short bursts of speed. The biggest key here is to not overwork yourself the day before a match, do a low number of reps and sets.


Visualize and think positive between sets and visualize what you’ll be doing during tomorrow’s match. Visualize corner situations and what you will do if the rebound comes your way. Or visualize a 1 on 1 situation.
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